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Level Be Adventures LLC was born from the desire to “do more.” As athletes, we often focus on ourselves — what we need, how we feel, and how we can train to be better. We want to flip that logic. Instead of focusing on ourselves, we aim to turn activities into meaningful moments that leave positive ripples throughout communities.

This is where Gray Duck Grit comes in. When you register, you give back to something greater than yourself. We are pleased to announce all proceeds generated in 2022 from registration, sponsorships, or apparel will be donated to the Washburn Center for Children in the form of a one-time donation.

Washburn Center for Children is the state’s leading children’s mental health center, caring for a wide variety of children’s needs such as:

One out of five Minnesota children will experience mental health challenges, yet only 20% get the help they need. Washburn ensures caregivers have a resource to help kids who are hurting on the inside.

Washburn Center believes a child’s mental health is as important as their physical health. Our compassionate child therapists help children develop the skills to be successful at home, in school and in the community.” – WCC

Not able to participate, but still want to donate to Washburn Center for Children? Click on the WCC logo below and follow the instructions on the their donations link.