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Age requirements. You MUST be at least 18 years of age or older before the first day of the event to register for any Gray Duck Grit route.

Wear a helmet. This is mandatory for all cyclists and we believe self-explanatory.

Lights save lives. A headlight and tail light are mandatory for ALL cyclists. Due to the overnight hours and our cut-off time of 7:00pm, you could easily find yourself in dark or dimly light conditions even if you start during daylight hours. It’s also a Minnesota state law.

Bikes. You must ride the entire route on the same frame from start to finish. You may ride any style of non-motorized (no throttle) bike during this challenge. E-bikes (pedal assist only) are allowed, but you will not receive a timing chip or receive an “official” finish time. We hope to have a separate category in the future for those using e-bikes.

Follow traffic laws. From the start of the event to the finish, you are expected to follow traffic laws as it pertains to cyclists. Here’s a handy little FAQ on this subject as it pertains to the state of Minnesota. Our advice as you move through any town is to keep your head on a swivel and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Leave no trace. Whether it’s a city park, gravel road, checkpoint area, or the start/finish areas, please don’t leave anything behind such as garbage or food items. Pretty simple…

When nature calls… because it probably will if you ride long enough, please do absolutely everything you can to find an appropriate place to take care of business. Please do not do so on private property, instead please seek out a romote area, satellite (porta-potty), park facilities or convenience store/gas station.

Show respect. Although you’ll be riding on either public roads or approved pathways, be kind and thoughtful along your journey through the heartland of Minnesota and be mindful of the history, the farmland, and those who not only live here but make their living off the land you’ll be using for a day. A friendly wave goes a long way!

Support crews. Support crews are not required. It’s your choice to have a support crew for any GDG route but we recommend them for longer distances. If you have a support crew, they must stay off the route except when meeting you at the designated checkpoints (see rider support for more info). Support crew assistance is allowed at designated checkpoints only.

Enjoy! Having a healthy perspective when going through the adversity GDG is going to throw at you is a must in order to grind it out to the finish. To help remain positive, remember those who aren’t able to ride due to illness, injury, or are simply no longer with us and be grateful for the fortune to ride today, because it can all change for you tomorrow. So ride for them and have a gnarly time out there.

You can ride fast, ride far, or ride freaky. Most of all, be sure to definitely RIDE YOUR RIDE! How that looks and feels is entirely up to YOU! Cheers!!!

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