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The Cow

“When your mind is telling you your done, you’re really only 40 percent done.”

-David Goggins, Navy Seal, Army Ranger, Ultra-Distance Athlete, & Author


This giant kicks off the entire event Friday morning by heading south out of Northfield. This seemingly innocent and rolling terrain zig-zags through the fertile farmlands of Rice county. Directions change so often, you might not know north from south when you roll into checkpoint #1, outside of Kenyon, MN (~55-mile mark). You continue winding through this peaceful, humble area of the state as you make your way back to Northfield. As you approach where you started, you stop at checkpoint #2. Reserve your energy because the biggest obstacles of The Cow are ahead. See The Replacement and The Suburb for the remaining details of your quest.

NOTE: GPX files will be available for download about a week prior to GDG. There will be five (5) designated checkpoints where crew members may provide support to participants. Please plan accordingly, embrace the road ahead, and remember to smile!


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