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The Replacement

“Doing what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it…this is determination.”

-Jay Robinson, Olympic Wrestler, 3x National Champion Coach – University of Minnesota


East of Red Wing, as Suburb cyclists head home, Replacement cyclists come face to face with the biggest test of GDG, the “Crown of Thorns” — a murderous row of 300-500 ft. climbs and descents. Once conquered, cyclists can lick their wounds and replenish their fluids and nutrients as they may meet their support crews at checkpoint #2, the halfway mark of their journey, in the throes of the driftless region of Minnesota. Riders need to dig deep and find a 2nd wind to traverse a few more hills before hitting checkpoint #3. From there, they pick up where they left Suburb cyclists and make their way back to Northfield along the 2nd half of Suburb.

NOTE: GPX files will be available for download about a week prior to GDG. There will be ONLY three (3) designated checkpoints where crew members may provide support to participants. Please plan accordingly, embrace the road ahead, and remember to smile!


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