Founded in 1856 along the banks of the Cannon River, you will find the charming city of Northfield. It is home to 20,000 residents as well as two liberal arts colleges. History, art, culture, and education have been a mainstay for Northfield for over 150 years.

Cyclists journey to Northfield for the gravel and single track terrain while others enjoy walking Division Street in search of their preferred craft cold-brew coffee at one of it’s many coffee shops downtown. Yet still, foodies, beer lovers, and music aficionados get lost in the veritable options and lively scene throughout the year.

History buffs can journey back in time as Northfield is also home to the notorious James-Younger Gang failed bank raid of The First National Bank on September 7th, 1876. This moment in history has been dubbed “The Defeat of Jesse James” by the City and it’s residents and they host a festival every September to commemorate the event that includes, that’s right, a bank raid re-enactment. The building still stands today and serves as a heritage museum and historical landmark.

Pedestrian bridge over Cannon River
Historic Ames Mill