Rider Support

Whether it’s a pandemic, motor vehicle traffic, or weather conditions, SAFETY is the top priority for everyone involved with Gray Duck Grit. The routes (including start/finish and checkpoint areas) are designed to keep people safe while tracking the progress and status of each participant. We will have water available for you (the cyclist) if needed in these designated areas. If additional nutrition options become available at specific checkpoints as we near GDG weekend you will be notified and can plan accordingly. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own hydration, nutrition, and gear (i.e. tools, spare tires, etc).

If you choose to have a support crew, your crew may provide the aforementioned items ONLY at the start/finish and designated checkpoint areas. You will not be able to receive support from your support crew or other support crews anywhere else along the route. Doing so will result in disqualification and you will NOT receive a finish time. However, support in the form of nutrition, mechanical help, gear, or medical assistance from any cyclist at any point during your route is accepted when either you or your equipment need it.

Support crews are allowed on the course to retrieve you and your bike if you pull the plug and bow out of the ride due to physical, mental, or mechanical reasons. If this happens to you, REMEMBER to text “I’M OUT” with your name and bib # to the race director. In addition, there is NO Gray Duck Grit sanctioned sag support if you drop out. We have limited volunteers at the checkpoints. In the event of an emergency CALL 911.

**For emergencies, please dial 911 if possible and seek help from the nearest person**

There will be a support crew meeting approximately 90 minutes before the start of each race that will coincide with the participant meeting also occurring approximately 90 minutes before the start of each race.

You’ll have two options for navigation: GPX files will be available roughly one week before GDG or cue sheets. Cue sheets will be given to you during the participant meeting before the start and then again at each checkpoint.

Support crews will be supplied only with the locations of each designated checkpoint along your route. Support crews are provided information specific to each designated checkpoint such as where to park, maps, what to avoid, and any additional information for each checkpoint along your route at their meeting.